Estate & Business Planning and Administration

True to the lifetime trust relationship with our clients we foster their financial wealth by guiding them in the effective planning of their businesses and estates during their lifetime and managing their affairs after they have passed away to ensure the execution of their wishes and the continued success of their businesses. Considered tax advice and a well-planned estate, together with a clear and well drafted last will and testament, can result in significant benefits and savings.

Our experts in succession and tax law help to ensure that clients’ estates are planned with rigorous particularity so as to ensure final wishes are complied with and estate duty is minimised.

Huggett Retief Inc. is able to advise clients on:

  • Achieving tax efficiencies
  • The formation of a testamentary trust to ensure that assets left to minor beneficiaries are well managed
  • The roles and powers of trustees
  • The implications of insolvency of your chosen beneficiaries
  • The appointment of a guardian for your minor children
  • The appointment of an executor
  • The value of establishing an inter vivos trust
  • The implication of current tax legislation
  • The implications of donations tax